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Handy flat tire repair services

At J & M Tire Shop, we know that the last thing you want to see when you're getting ready to hop in your vehicle is a flat tire. Aside from the immediate inconvenience of having to change out your tire for a spare, you're also looking at the cost of getting the tire repaired.


Thankfully, our team can help with anything from slow leaks or leaky tire valves to stem and tire punctures for any type of tire including steel-belted radials.

Puncture repair diagnosis is the first important step of a tire repair. We remove the tire and wheel from the vehicle and properly dismount the tire from the wheel. If the tire has only suffered minor damage, it can usually be easily repaired. In other cases where the tire's sidewall or shoulder is damaged, or if the tire puncture is greater than 1/4" in diameter, the tire will have to be replaced.


Our team also uses two state-of-the-art repair procedures to fix your tire. Safety seal repair will seal the damaged area of the tire from the tread to the inner liner, ensuring a successful repair. The 2nd part of the process that involves a liquid patch will then create a permanent but flexible patch around the safety seal repair on the tire's inner liner.


Finally, we'll remount your tire on your vehicle, check and adjust your tire pressure to your vehicle’s necessary specification, and do a courtesy inspection of the rest of the tires on your vehicle.

Tire repair services

Please visit us at 2276 National Avenue in San Diego or call 619-544-9129 when you need assistance. We know how upsetting a flat tire can be! Let our professional team at J & M Tire Shop help you resolve the situation quickly at an affordable price.

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